Intersectionality and Design for Responsible AI (SXSW 2021)

Session at SXSW 2021

Getting beyond the clichés of AI requires updating our approaches to design. By taking an intersectional approach — one that considers the compounding effects of discriminations at the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and more — we can design more equitably. We can challenge power structures, fight systemic discrimination, and offer not only a seat at the table, but new ways of getting to (at staying at) the table in the first place.

This seasoned panel offers insight from design leaders at Capital One, Microsoft, and Carnegie Mellon University who will share experience, common vocabulary, and ground rules for intersectional and responsible AI innovation.


Session Takeaways:

1- Equitable technology requires intersectional approaches to the design, development, and evaluation of AI that includes race, gender, and sexuality.

2- Intersectionality will enable cultural shifts to make space at the table and shape narratives of power and influence as more contextual and dynamic.

3- Diverse perspectives and skills are necessary to ground AI in common a vocabulary and ground rules that bring more equitable and inclusive outcomes.

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