Make Meaningful Work

People want to spend more time on meaningful work and with teams who are engaged in making that happen. Projects where people’s skills and practice strengths are working well together to encourage people to learn, improve and thrive.

However, we all get lost in the noise, speed and deliverables of the day to day work that we forget about why we are working on a project in the first place.

This results in feeling purposeless, stressed, unhealthy and in a state of “sleepwalking”.

What if we could…

  • Identify frustrations at work today that block great work?
  • Use the telling of project stories as a constant to help us harvest practices?
  • Create a project ecosystem that encouraged people to thrive?
  • Identify core practices to help people do the work that matters?
  • Define and practice “meaning” for self, team, project and organisation to support continuous learning and tactical and strategic clarity for all?

This presentation will take you on the following journey as we design great organisational cultures to “Make Meaningful Work” and look at the dimensions to do so:

  • A “Journal” to help you and team log project stories
  • A “Meaning Canvas” to demonstrate individual and team value
  • A “Learning Portfolio & Plan” to sustain individual and team practices to nurture meaning and a culture of continuous learning

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