Tech Inclusion 2020: The Next Wave of Leadership

October 13, 2020. Tech Inclusion: The Next Wave of Leadership

This year we’ll strategize how we can create equity in the tech industry, how Venture Capital and entrepreneurship ecosystems are evolving to become more inclusive, and the impact of the stories we consume and share in the media.

We’ll explore ways to build more ethical and accessible products and services, improve mental health and wellness, and use tech to drive civic engagement and combat voter suppression.

We’ll look at the present and the future of work, how COVID-19 has impacted the industry, and what the industry can contribute to the fight to save lives.

We’ll have sessions on what empathetic leaders must do to promote inclusion, allyship, and anti-racism across global teams. And if you’re looking for a job, or you’re a company looking to hire: we’ve got you. Our Tech Inclusion Career Fair is going virtual too!

This has been a year. Let’s talk about it, let’s work to heal from it, and let’s focus on the solutions needed to move forward. #TechInclusion

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