User Research for Agile Teams

One of the biggest challenges facing UX designers working with agile teams is providing user research in a quick, effective way. Design sprints take less time than in the past and development makes it difficult to slip user feedback into the mix. Traditional research takes time to design, set up, recruit for, run and analyze. Since that could span several sprints, “traditional” research simply doesn’t work in today’s rapid pace development, and the user experience suffers. Many organizations are tackling this challenge.

We’ve brought together 4 panelists who are using methods to address the issue of rapid UX research. Panelists come from both in-house teams and agencies. We’ll share our approaches and offer practical advice about how to do it, why it works and what could be improved. We’ll cover both unmoderated tests and more traditional moderated tests. You’ll learn some new approaches and get a chance to ask questions or share your own experiences.

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