Opening Evocation: Welcome to Here

Opening keynote for the VERGE technology & sustainability conference, Oakland, CA, October 16, 2018.

“What are humans for? What are we doing as we’re human-ing? How might we together become healers to support and regenerate the cycles of life?” The questions came from Dawn Danby, a longtime friend and ally. She gave an opening “evocation” at last week’s VERGE 18 conference, a paean to our hometown of Oakland, Calif., where we located VERGE this year for the first time. Her theme: “the transformative power of a sense of place,” and how it brings purpose and meaning to any conversation about our collective future. It was a beautiful articulation of our individual and collective power to influence, for better or worse, the world around us. And it reminded us that, in the end, sustainability is about living in harmony with whatever place we call home.” – Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor of GreenBiz

Featuring aerial drone photography of Oakland by Stephen Loewinsohn.

Video to be released.


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