Serve Your Customers Better with User Experience Research

With the explosion of user experience (or UX) in the business world, more companies are trying to incorporate UX research methods to better serve their customers. However, one test size does not fit all. Without employing the right series of research methods, companies can end up with an incomplete or misleading picture of their users. On October 23, 2015, L&E hosted a workshop with Amanda Stockwell, VP of User Experience for 352 inc. at our Columbus (Ohio) facility. Amanda discussed how to ensure your team is asking the right questions to better understand your users and their needs and to uncover white space opportunities.

This session covers:

  • How UX work differs from traditional marketing research
  • An overview of the types of user experience research
  • What types of questions can be answered with different research methods
  • The best time to employ different types of research

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