The Value of Mentoring Women & Minorities in Tech

Technology is about innovation, and that requires new voices at the table. Long time NYC based IT Executive Elaine Montilla who represents several minority groups highlights the need for diversity in the field of Technology, and to expand STEM learning opportunities to all children equally. As a professional unicorn this powerful Latina represents the value of diversity and an inclusive corporate culture in a typically male dominated field.

There is a huge need to increase diversity in leadership roles and to improve mentoring opportunities for women and minorities in Tech. Those in positions of influence should be actively supporting, sponsoring, and helping guide the careers of women and minorities. Mentoring has proven to be paramount in male-dominated professions. Mentors for minorities and women in Tech are the key to success as they face greater challenges building networks and developing leadership strengths.

This change in mindset will allow businesses to reach larger markets as companies with diverse and inclusive cultures see more innovation, achieve better business outcomes, and exceed financial targets. Elaine Montilla is an accomplished senior executive with almost two decades as an IT Leader in Higher Education. Skilled in Educational Technology, IT Strategy, Management, System Deployment, and Project Portfolio Management. Recognized for staff professional development, change leadership, and talent for communicating with diverse groups of people.

Originally from The Dominican Republic, Elaine lives in New York and earned a Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems from Baruch College (CUNY), and a Master in Business Management and Leadership from The CUNY School of Professional Studies. She is also the founder of @5xminority, a blog and social media brand dedicated to empower women and minorities to love themselves unconditionally, and was recently featured in the Soul & Stories Podcast. She is currently working on her first book by the same title “5xminority” and when she is not working, she enjoys photography, dancing, and traveling around the world with her wife.

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