Tasha Lutfi

Tasha has the ability to breathe life into any vision or idea. She once said “show me a desert, and I will create Vegas” signifying her knack to conceive brilliant design concepts from a wasteland. Currently, Tasha is bringing her vision and strategic insights to Microsoft as a Principal Design Manager. Her focus is creating magical multi-device experiences and imagining a world where any device is connected seamlessly to YOU to maximize engagement and conversion throughout the Windows ecosystem.

During her fifteen year tenure at Microsoft, Tasha was influential in rebuilding MSN several times. She contributed to creating a ground up for a mobile-first, cloud-first approach which aligned the focus to reengage the primary digital daily habits in people’s lives, helping them complete tasks across all of their devices.

Prior to Microsoft, Tasha founded Genesis Se7en, a global design studio dedicated to crafting branding solutions and unique interactive experiences. Generating awareness of diversity and gender-related issues fuels Tasha’s passion of elevating the influence of women leaders within the design industry.

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