Be the Voice of Change: How to spark change in your organization

It’s common knowledge womxn—especially womxn of color—are underrepresented in the technology industry today. This lack of gender diversity carries with it a major opportunity cost. Diverse teams are on average more creative, innovative, and, ultimately, are associated with greater profitability. In addition, being a designer in the technology industry is often a minority group, and with a focus on engineers and developers, there often aren’t initiatives to grow creativity in tech organizations.

As designers and design leaders, how do we bring change to the tech industry to address this lack of diversity?

As a co-founder of Womxn in Design at Microsoft, a group that aims to empower creative women by supporting professional growth and cultivating relationships within and beyond the design community, we aim to create awareness of gender-related issues and elevate the influence of women leaders in design within Microsoft and our industry.

Learn how Womxn in Design was started, key insights into how to spark change and how to take action to bring change to the tech industry

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