The Power of No (and yes!): Standing Firm & Speaking Out

We’ve all been caught in an awkward or unwanted situation trying to say no to an outlandish request. Harnessing the power of no isn’t easy, especially when saying no equals disappointing a loved one, colleague, or friend. For most of us, it often feels easier to give in and say yes when saying no is what we truly want to say. Sometimes, saying no is what we need to say for self-preservation.

Conversely, we are faced with unexpected opportunities or challenges and say no out of fear when saying yes is the leap of faith we need to take.

After twenty years of industry experience, I’ve witnessed the power of saying no and learned how and when to use it. I’ve also learned when to pause before saying no to make sure I’m not speaking out of fear of the unknown.  Say goodbye to those people-pleasing no’s and feelings of uncertainty holding you back from saying yes. We are here today to learn how and when to confidently say no and yes.

By the end of this workshop, you will have the tools you need to combat the “disease to please” with grace and style–and feel empowered to say yes. We’re going to dive into practical applications demonstrating how and when to use both.

  • Learn how to say no clearly, effectively and gracefully…with confidence
  • Learn tools and strategies to communicate your needs in a clear way
  • Say no without feeling the need to justify or apologize
  • Know the right moments to say yes
  • Gain tools to have difficult conversations

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