Go Boldly

Go Boldly    

2019 Women in UX Keynote Speaker


Discover how to unleash your hidden potential in your creative career

Most employees are aware they have some habit that keeps them from achieving their potential at work and may be keeping them from opportunities, getting raises and promotions. Yet, surprisingly, the majority admitted they have not made a serious effort to overcome their career-limiting habits.

Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of watching exceptional professionals enjoy great career success. And, sadly, I have watched other talented and motivated leaders fall short of their ultimate career potential. In this talk, I will uncover three common ‘Bold Blockers’ that prevent you from achieving the most out of each opportunity. Together, we will discover how to ‘Go Boldly’ in your career to unleash your hidden potential.

Using my personal story, 20 years of industry experience at Microsoft and a fun animated short from Pixar, the audience will learn how to transform these blockers in to actionable steps to maximize their potential.


Three key takeaways

The audience will discover how to ‘Go Boldly’ in their career to unleash there hidden potential by transforming common bold blockers into actionable steps to maximize potential:

  • Be Fearless: It’s okay to feel fear but do not let fear stop you. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • Take Chances: Afraid of making the wrong choice? Pro Tip: there is no wrong choice. The important thing is to take a chance. Even the risky ones.
  • Embrace Failure: As designers, we solve problems…hard ones. In order the find the right solution it is inevitable we will make mistakes.


My experience on the topic

Leading a global team in a fast paced environment while defining the mobile landscape for Microsoft, I have honed how to inspire creative teams and spark new ideas … quickly. Through my 20 years industry experience, I have learned how to transform common career blockers in to actionable steps to maximize anyone’s potential.


Target audience

This talk will benefit any team members and/or leaders who what to maximize their career potential.


Why is this relevant?

Many have spent their career in fear of being bold and taking the route less known or traveled. This talk will hone in on what is needed to block career inhibitors that can limit potential.


Engagement with the audience

By using real world examples and a fun animated movie – the audience will be engaged with practical application + fun twist on a well known story

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