Build a Product Based on Values

The life of a digital creator is riddled with decisions.

  • How do you decide which new features to implement, and which ones to ignore?
  • How do you select the customers or clients you’d enjoy working with?
  • How do you choose an employee who is the best fit for your team?

We’re encouraged to focus on objective, measurable, numeric data to make better decisions – but we’re human beings, not robots. Leading a meaningful and satisfying career requires much more than getting paid well, or meeting ambitious goals. We also need to honor our true values. Knowing what your core values are and keeping them top of mind can result in designing better products, maintaining harmonious customer and team relationships, as well as creating a more unique and effective branding and marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a way to add more meaning to your work, this talk offers ideas, examples, and prompts to get you started.

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