It’s Your Fault!

Do some or all of your clients misbehave? Do you do great work but feel under-appreciated, undervalued, and/or or underpaid? Well, perhaps it’s your own fault! Yes, clients can be challenging and difficult. Duh! But, if we truly look deeply at ourselves and our industry, the bigger and more important question is: What can we do about? Instead of trying to hit our heads against a brick wall by blaming our clients or accepting the situation as status quo, perhaps we as an industry and as individuals need to step up to the plate and rethink how we engage with, and even train and educate, our clients. This talk is meant to inspire designers, whether they are working in-house or within a creative agency, to take back control of how they manage and communicate with their clients as well as how they position themselves and the industry as whole. What can we all do better to improve the situation? The first step is to own up to our mistakes. This talk will shine a light on those mistakes and provide solutions for how we can all improve so that we can move beyond the blame game.

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