Building a Career Roadmap: Hexagon UX LA

A conversation and workshop about charting your own path in the UX industry as a woman or non-binary designer.

About this Event

In today’s industry, we find ourselves surrounded by an ocean of opportunity. From information architecture to motion design, new technologies like virtual reality and voice interfaces, the design landscape is growing by the day. This paradox of choice can leave us feeling unsure about the direction we want to take.

The truth is there is no one right way.

Join us for a conversation with seasoned designers as they share their experiences working in organizations of different sizes and setups, the different roles they’ve played within each, and how they were able to identify and leverage their skills to get to the next level.

We’ll follow up with a quick workshop to map out our career goals. And lastly, we’ll be raffling off Passion Planners to help you keep your eye on the prize and Sketch licenses to keep your skills in tip-top shape.

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