Empowering Product Growth With A Design System

Empowering Product Growth With A Design System

Digital products are becoming more complex. With that complexity comes more responsibility. Teams today are expected to ship products faster, at higher quality, across multiple devices, keeping brand consistency, while still solving the world’s biggest problems.

Design Systems help products grow and scale in a consistent manner, they have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years since a new myriad of tools and frameworks have become available for this purpose. However, finding the right system for your organization is no easy task, more so in companies with a stronger development focus than a design-oriented culture.

How do you decide what level of complexity does your Design System need? What level of technicality would this require? And, how do you get your organization on board?

These are some of the questions that ignited the Design System we are building at Backbase, a solution that caters to different stakeholders but strives to keep a cohesive user experience across our products and solutions.

In this talk, you will learn about our key insights including:

– How we kicked-off the Backbase Design System
– A case study of our UI Patterns library and how it was delivered across the company
– How defining core goals and principles helped us focus on the future
– Bring UX and UI Designers onto the team from the very beginning of projects

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