Gather Round: How to Share the Stories from UX Research

As UX Researchers, our job is not over when the interviews are finished. In fact, that’s when the most important part of our job is just beginning. How are you going to make sure to tell the end user’s story in way that creates empathy so the right design decisions are made? A key finding from a research study is only actionable if it’s shared in a meaningful way that grabs the attention of your team and stakeholders. For those that could not observe the research first-hand, we have a responsibility to relay the emotions, not just the findings, that were expressed during the research. If we do our job well, we can transport them to that user’s environment. Storytelling makes this possible by creating an emotional impact, which gets the listener to actually feel a user’s pain and motivate them to take corrective action.

Come to this talk to explore how to share research data and the stories from UX research in a compelling way. I’ll review different ways to discover people’s stories, how to decide what stories to tell, and how you can actually tell those stories in a compelling and meaningful way.

UPDATE: You can view another version of this talk (with much better quality) on UIE’s All You Can Learn Library: . Unfortunately, it’s behind a paywall, but UIE offers access to their entire library (it’s HUGE) for a nominal monthly fee. Enjoy!

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